Plans Purposes and Pursuits by Kenneth E. Hagin, the founder of Kenneth Hagin Ministries, is a must read for Christians who feel the call of God on their lives--and for every Christian desirous of living God's will.   It's one thing to do the work of God, but are we living His will or our own?

Do You Know God's Will For Your Life?

Plan Purposes and Pursuits by Kenneth E. Hagin

In order to attain the greatest fulfillment in life as Christians we need to live the "special call" that God has put on our lives.  It's easy to fall into our own determination of what God's will is because it's natural for us to let our will override God's. 

It takes a strong commitment for God's will to transpire in our lives based upon His plans instead of our own. That's why every Christian should learn how to seek after God's will. This book will take you step-by-step into God's very best for your life!

Read This Inspired Book and Learn To Live God's Will For Your Life

Review Of Plans Purposes and Pursuits by Margaret Lukasik:

Kenneth E. Hagin

"This book is appropriate for all Christians. Kenneth Hagin was a Christian man who I so admired -- and who I so greatly miss since His passing.  He was always a stickler for the truth about God's Word and this particular book gives a clear picture of the difference between God's will and the work of our flesh.  

He begins with the question straight from the cover of the book, "What are you going to say when you stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and He asks you, did you follow my plans for your life or your own?"

This profound book will lead you to the real you in Christ as you follow His path to your place in the Body of Christ!


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