Victory Bible Studies 

By Margaret Lukasik

The Victorious Christian Living Course 

Take The 7-day challenge to receive from God NOW!

Get To Know God Today!

Victorious Christian Living Course

Become empowered to set a standard for successful Christian living in only 7 Days!  I'll clearly teach you how to develop a strong foundation Of Jesus Christ to live the Word!  -Margaret Lukasik   

Take The Path To Victorious Christian Living

Don't just look to strengthen your faith for answered prayer, obtain the faith you need to receive NOW!

My exciting classic Bible Study, Take The Path To Victorious Christian Living, is now a course that will guide you to live the life God has planned for you.  Jesus didn't promise abundant living (John 10:10) only for God's people to suffer. That would be a contradiction. Through Jesus Christ you can attain success in life and in your ability to serve God.  

It's time you got on the path to the life you deserve with answered prayer. Whatever you need, you can receive it by learning how to give your burdens to Jesus while you trust God.


Victorious Christian Living Course

Build A Strong Foundation Of Jesus Christ For The Rest Of Your Life!


Because this is not a typical Christian study, you can expect uncommon inner growth that will cause you to develop a deep relationship with God very quickly.

  • Mark 4:20. But those sown on rich soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit thirty and sixty and a hundredfold. 

Jesus describes the 4 types of reactions people have concerning scripture in verses 13-20 of Mark 4. The goal of this course is to help you build a working foundation of Jesus Christ within your heart in 7 days that will lead you to further growth for the rest of your life based upon Mark 4:20. 

  • 20 And those are they that were sown upon the good ground; such as hear the word, and accept it, and bear fruit, thirtyfold, and sixtyfold, and a hundredfold.

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Without this strong foundation, Christians aren't able to grasp the understanding of Jesus Christ needed to successfully apply scriptural principles to their lives. Instead they will revert to such short-term fixes as willpower and suppression which never produce lasting effects. 

   While You'll learn that once you involve God in your situation you can rest in the spiritual truth that you will have a positive conclusion! Christ already took care of whatever problem you could have.


Learn The Foundation Of Christian Growth

In only 7 days a foundation of Jesus Christ will be created within your heart to walk with God and to make the scriptural changes needed to create a successful Christian lifestyle.

Partner With God For Your Most Fulfilled Life

Learn who you are in Christ to use the power of His shed blood on the cross to attain the blessings of God's Kingdom. No more walking in circles trying to please God on your own. You're going to become empowered to work through Jesus Christ as you find yourself in Him!

Learn The Key Of The Cross Principle

I'll show you how to use scriptural principles for good health and healing and to receive help, guidance or blessings for whatever you need by using the Key of the Cross Principle.  You can expect miracles!

Take The Course and Watch What God Will Do To Your Life!


   At the center of the course is the message that you can develop great faith to receive from God NOW! Because many Christians judge God by their personal experience, their character flaws or selfish worldly behaviors, they limit God from answering their prayers.

   I'm going to teach you how to walk in God's love for yourself and others so that you can work with Him on His level and not by our limited thinking to create the occurrence of answered prayer NOW! 

   1.  Are you ready to stop hating yourself and your life?

       2.  Are you ready to stop wondering why God isn't blessing you? 

            3.  Are you ready to receive what you need and want from God NOW?

                  4. Are you ready to work with God to do great things with Him NOW!  

Let me share with you the blessings we have received... 

I searched for many years to find the information I'm sharing with you. What I learned was that by using the Key of the Cross Principle I was able to quickly understand information from the Bible and make it work in my life right away.  My children didn't get the benefit of it until they were older. I'm sorry for that, but once I practiced and refined this principle it began working in our lives for the fast results we needed.

  For instance, my children's needs were met quickly for healing and job loss.  When someone tried to break into my home while I was alone recently, I was able to speak the Word's God immediately gave me to say and the person ran off afraid while apologizing to me over and over again. My husband has received healing and answered prayer for difficult situations that have seemed impossible to overcome.  

  Oh if we had this wisdom when we were much younger, but we can't think like that and neither can you. Even if you're older, take hold of this information and use it now to mend relationships, overcome what may seem impossible, be healed of sickness or disease, or use it to live your most fulfilled life in Christ. It's never too late with God!    

  Before I had learned this principle, I was a successful Christian in many ways.  I received answered prayer, but sometimes it took a very long time to receive. There are scriptural instances where we must "fast" and "wait upon God" or ask for "God's will to be done," but when it comes to receiving God's blessings for daily living, we can have them NOW because of Mark 11:23!   

  The ministry school where I learned this principle didn't share in their teaching about how new Christians or Christians new to the Word could rapidly move forward with God. It was mainly geared toward Christians already experienced in the Word who needed to unlearn false doctrines and Christian traditions they had experienced in their ministries to then go forth and teach what they learned. 

  This information made me realize that Christians unfamiliar with the Word would actually be in a better place to grasp this important principle and use it because they don't usually have bad habits to break when it come to the Word. They only need to learn it and use it CORRECTLY!  But all Christians can take this course and in just 7 days they will become free to receive NOW through the truth of God's Word in Christ Jesus from all walks of life and every Christian experience.


Unique Course Study

This unique course study is scripturally based, simple to use and it will teach you how to overcome your problems!

Actions That Cause Growth

Each of the 7-day actions work together to create great and lasting inward changes, wisdom and Knowledge.

Get Practical Teaching

Learn Biblical principles and then easily put them to practice everyday for successful daily living. 


This One-Of-A-Kind Course Will Lead You To The Inheritance Given You Because Of Christ's Redemptive Work On The Cross.

Learn What It Offers You: 

Question: What does the course include?

Answer:  You'll receive the Bible Study PDF for reference, easy to use worksheets that can be printed (but it's not necessary), specific prayers, step-by-step teaching (written content), beautiful videos for beginning each day, audio lessons, automatic quizzes and a means of contacting me if you need more clarification for your circumstances.  

Question:  Affirmations and worksheets don't work for me. How will the course make the changes you claim?  

Answer:  The affirmations are only a part of the course. It's a multi-functioning course with all parts working together to create a deep foundation of Jesus Christ within the heart for great inner change. However, concerning affirmation, I teach how to use them scripturally so that they will work for you everyday!  Most people use them incorrectly which is why they don't work for them.  The worksheets serve as a guide to organize your progress and to help you see what you really want from God and to know that you can really have it NOW! You can fill them out or just read them for reference to learn what you need from God today and in the future.

This course study is for every Christian Including you! It's going to enlighten all of your Bible studies and make it possible to change with God from the first lesson and continually bless you as you continue.

 Attain Your Rest! Loose What You Need and Bind What Comes Against You.

Matthew 18:18 (NABRE) Amen, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

You no longer need to be bound by those things which come against
you! Learn how to scripturally loose them now in Jesus' Name!

Victorious Christian Living Course

Launch Price Is Only $27.00

Go here to take the course! You'll receive text, audio, video and PDF lessons with a quiz at the end of each of the 7 days. It's fun and exciting!

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