Prayer Of Agreement Bible Study Part II

Jesus Will Answer Your Prayers With Others When You Need More Faith and The Encouragement Of Others.

This is Prayer Study Part II for the Prayer of Agreement from Matthew 18:19-20.  

  • St. Matthew 18:19-20 (NIRV)   20 Where two or three people meet together in my name, I am there with them." 19 "Again, here is what I tell you. Suppose two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for. My Father in heaven will do it for you. 

Jesus Will Answer Your Prayer with Others

I've included the scripture for Matthew 18:19-20 to read over again if you need a review from part I of the study. It is a good idea to read it and meditate over it to build your faith and to help you believe that God will answer your prayer whether praying alone or with others.

The more we read over a scripture that is new to us and meditate upon it, our faith will grow for that particular need according to Romans 10:17.  This is also true for scripture you are familiar with because you will always gain new insights as you let the Holy Spirit give you more understanding.

The more you read over Matthew 18:19-20 the more you will see the importance of the condition of "agreement" which is the crux of Prayer Bible Study Part I.  Let's proceed to The Prayer Of Agreement Lesson II.    


In Prayer Of Agreement Study Part II you will learn to identify the factors that will keep you from having answered prayer when using the prayer of agreement.

As a review, the prayer of agreement is based upon the Prayer of Faith. The only difference between them is that there is more than one person praying with and for someone else.  In the case of submitting a prayer request, a person submits a prayer for other people to pray for them when they are not in their presence.  


Prayer Of Agreement Study Part II,
Lesson 1;
Praying with others:

The elements below are based upon scripture to say the prayer of faith and receive what you ask for according to Mark 11:23-24.  The prayer of agreement is the same prayer only it's based upon St. Matthew 18:19-20.  

The difference is that Jesus speaks about joining faith with others to receive answered prayer.  It's a great form of prayer when one has little or weak faith and a great way to pray for others.  Keep the following in mind when you pray:  

Before you say your prayer with one or more persons in agreement to your prayer request, you must consider the following factors: 

1. Be clear about what you want.  You can't ask for one thing, but really want another.  This will create doubt. 

2. Be specific.  If you want more money, for example, you need to know how much money and why you want it.

3. Clearly state your request to those praying with you to insure that they are praying in harmony with what you want.   

4. Choose the person or persons carefully who you will be praying with.  Make sure they understand this prayer and the principles of the Prayer of Faith

5. Choose people who have your best interest at heart.  You can't pray with someone just because they are a Christian and you need someone to pray with you.  You would do better to pray alone if you choose someone negative or who doesn't believe the Word is true. 

You need prayer partners who are totally in agreement with you and want you to be blessed.  Always keep in mind that everyone in your group must be one ACCORD with you in prayer.  This is why it's called the Prayer of Agreement.

6.  Give the burden of your prayer request to Jesus before you pray.  Tell Jesus to take the burden of asthma, for example, before you pray to be healed of it.    


If you take these tips seriously, you will experience accelerated prayer results.  Now let's look at what you should know when having others pray for you who are not in your presence.  But first read the following warning.  It's extremely important.


WARNING! Be very careful who you pray with!  Make sure that person or persons have your best interest as heart.

Prayer Of Agreement Bible Study Part II, Lesson 2:  Praying with one person or a group of people:  

1. State your prayer very clearly and specifically.  For example, if you're ill and desire healing, state your health problem or diagnosis exactly as it is.  Don't make your prayer partners confused with not enough information or too much.  If you have a health problem because of an addiction, for example, you need to state the complete situation for the prayer to be effective.  State the addiction, the triggers, the symptoms, etc., and give them to Jesus first before you pray to be healed.

2. If possible, always give your name or the name of the person you're praying for when praying with others, just as you would when praying alone.  A first name with a last name initial will do if you need privacy.

3. If you're praying separately from the people you're praying in agreement with, give them the specifics of your prayer to insure that everyone is praying in agreement.  Otherwise a person might assume the wrong information.   

4. Be honest about your situation.  God knows the truth when we go before Him. Continue to thank God that He has answered your prayer.         


Prayer Of Agreement Study Part II Special Notice:  

As I close this study, I would like to present two more important factors for answered prayer.  Before you say any prayer, always ask for forgiveness of your sins, repent of them, and then accept that God has forgiven you immediately.  It will keep your heart at peace when entering into prayer. It's also scriptural for answered prayer according to (Mark 11:16).  

You must also forgive all others. Once you have completed any prayer, thank and praise God for answering you as often as possible until you receive your request.  Then, continue to be thankful for all God has done for you.


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What Is The Prayer Of Faith?

If you don't know how to use the prayer of faith principles, you're missing out on this vital part of Christian success!  Without knowing how to pray the prayer of faith you can't effectively pray the prayer of agreement or move God's hands for spiritual growth, your life purpose or to have your needs met. 

This short study will teach you how to combine the faith and prayer princicples for successful prayer results.  This is a "must have" study if you aren't receiving answered prayer!  Learn More.



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