Prayer Of Agreement Bible Study Part I

The Prayer Of Agreement Bible study will teach you the principles of the prayer of agreement.

Learn how to use this prayer correctly and you will automatically grow your faith in a greater way than if you were to pray alone. This is a great prayer for husbands and wives.

If you have little faith but but you need answered prayer or if you need answered prayer quickly, God has provided a means of igniting your faith by joining with others.

You only need to look at Matthew 18:19-20 to learn this explosive principle for answered prayer. However, praying with others in agreement creates a few special conditions.

According to Jesus we're guaranteed answered prayer when we follow His clear instruction for this form of prayer known as the Prayer of Agreement found in Matthew 18:19-20.

This particular prayer takes us beyond our own level of faith to obtain anything according to God's will (if it's in the Bible as a promise or blessing).

For example if one suffers the loss of a job or someone needs to receive healing. These are needs that must be fulfilled quickly! So rather than pray on your own during such times, you can join with others in prayer for greater faith and power according to what Jesus said.

This is because collaborated faith efforts will greatly increase faith so that prayer results can be realized in a short time and in some cases immediately.

However, this prayer must be used correctly according to the context of verses 19-20. Please read. I've given you the New International Revised Version because it is accurately stated yet easy to understand if you're new to the "Word."


The Prayer Of Agreement Bible Study Featured Scripture Is From Matthew 19:18-20.

Learn how to use this prayer correctly and you will automatically grow your faith in a greater way than if you were to pray alone. This is a great prayer for husbands and wives.

Prayer Bible Study Scripture -Agree In Prayer
For Powerful Results- St. Matthew 18:19-20 (NIRV) 19.

St. Matthew 18:19-20 (NIRV)

Again, here is what I tell you.  Suppose two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, My Father in heaven will do it for you.  20. Where two or three people meet together in my name, I am there with them."

The key word in verse 19 is "agree." This particular prayer Bible study is going to teach you the significance of how this one word can impact the prayer of agreement for the positive or negative of what you want or need.

Never take any form of prayer for granted. There are principles that God has set in motion and we must follow them for the best results.

Don't be in a hurry with the prayer of agreement. Take time when praying with others to choose those persons who have a like desire as you do to pray correctly and who also want the best for you. Sometimes we might pray with others who do not have our best interest at heart. Remember, they must "agree" with you in prayer.

Think About How You Pray With Others So many times we ask others to pray with us without realizing that we're actually sabotaging our prayer results. Why is this?

There are a number of factors that will cause this prayer to work against you rather than for you. So it's important that when two or three are gathered together in a united (everyone has the same request) prayer they understand that there are principles involved.

Part I of this Prayer Bible Study will cover the general workings of this prayer which is very POWERFUL!! If you intend to pray with others, you must make sure they understand how to pray with you or it is best to pray alone.

Please read over the scripture above one or two more times and meditate upon it. This means to mutter it to yourself and get it into your heart spirit. This will make it come alive in you as you study. Just let it sink in.

This particular prayer is based upon the "The Prayer Of Faith."  Most people understand the principles that make up this general prayer for making requests concerning needs or desires.  If you need extra help, you can take the Faith and Prayer Bible Study.


Prayer Of Agreement Steps According to Jesus:

  • two or more people must gather together in agreement about anything they ask for in prayer
  • our Heavenly Father will answer it
  • meeting together in the name of Jesus will insure that He is right there in the midst of our prayer

Putting these steps together based upon Matthew 18:19-20 means that when two or more people join together in the name of Jesus for prayer, our Heavenly Father will give us what we asked for. As our mediator before God, Jesus Christ is right there with us to present that prayer to God immediately on our behalf as our mediator with the benefit of our joined faith.  Our faith is increased by joining our faith with others. 

This alone is faith building, but there are just a few principles that you need to know in order to insure that you receive what God has already given you because once you ask God for anything He gives it to you right away.

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If you don't know how to use the prayer of faith principles, you're missing out on this vital part of Christian success!  Without knowing how to pray the prayer of faith you can't effectively pray the prayer of agreement or move God's hands for spiritual growth, your life purpose or to have your needs met. 

This short study will teach you how to combine the faith and prayer princicples for successful prayer results.  This is a "must have" study if you aren't receiving answered prayer!  Learn More.

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