How To Live Your Salvation Bible Study Series

How To Live Your Salvation

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How To Live Your Salvation

No. Two: Seek after Biblical Training.

It’s the function of every Christian church to save the lost by helping them receive their salvation according to Romans 10:9.  However, their responsibility shouldn’t end there.

Every new Christian is still in the baby stage of their spiritual growth and will remain at that level until or unless he or she is taught how to grow in their salvation through Biblical training.

Without knowledge of how to grow in faith for answered prayer or to apply God’s principles and spiritual laws to live a successful Christian lifestyle, one will remain in an infantile state of his or her Christianity.

Live Your Salvation By Understanding How Your Were Created

Man is a three part being. He is a spirit who lives in a body and who has a soul (which includes the mind and emotions). We’re only spinning our wheels if we’re not taught how to use our spirits to communicate with God, transform our minds, and act upon His Word.

Christian churches are obligated to teach their congregations how to recreate their minds with the Word of God in order to walk with Christ and live on top the difficult circumstances of life. It isn’t God’s will for us to be poor, afraid, sick, defeated, unhappy, depressed or addicted.

To have victory in Christ daily, you need to learn how to understand the scriptures and apply them successfully to your life. Should you believe that your church is not meeting your needs, you should search your area for a church that will.

It should be Biblically based and Christ centered.  If you don’t have a church presently, pray that God leads you to one close to your home that will give you the Biblical education and training you need to grow your spirit.

The process to live your salvation means that we become new creatures in Christ.


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