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What Is God's Kingdom? Parts 1 and II

The Kingdom Living Bible Study Part I is the first lesson of a two-part series that teaches how to receive God's blessings.  It will set you on the right course for your life and service to God.    

God Is Taking Care Of You!

God has generously provided us with a life fit for kings and queens. But we don't receive this life automatically--we must take it by faith! God is spirit so we must worship Him in spirit and in truth (the Word).

We must also use faith to obtain our blessings because it is the spiritual means by which we can communicate with our Heavenly Father (prayer). We have all been given the same measure of faith, but it's up to each Christian to develop it.

As we become the "new man" in Christ, this process should develop us into fully mature Christians. Kingdom living is the means by which we can understand this faith process and how we can use it to live in abundance.

We can have an abundance of all our needs, wants and desires by living this lifestyle which also includes peace, joy and fulfillment. The process in theory is easy. While there are Christians who at salvation excitedly turn their lives over to Christ, many others find it difficult to trust God over their own mental reasoning or intellect and their desire to do what they want over God's will.

It's natural to feel this way, but it's important to find a strong, Word or Bible based church with this mindset in order to be taught how to build faith and trust to live the abundant life in Christ. If you're a Christian, this should be your goal, even if you've been a Christians for some time.

It's never too late with God, so you can begin now without shame. What Is Kingdom Living? Kingdom living is the means by which great transformation in your life can take place. As you learn to put aside the past by living in the present, you will be able to change what you have and who you become.

In Matthew 6:25-34, we're given simple instructions that will help us live in the moment by trusting God for all our needs to be met as we center upon God.

Verse 34 reminds us that we cannot live in the past nor can we live in the future. We are to live daily by faith, knowing that God will supply what we want and need.  Read the Kingdom scripture to realize the simplicity of abundant living that belongs to you in Christ. 



God's Kingdom Living Foundation


God's Kingdom Part II will give you a foundation of Jesus Christ to overcome whatever obstacles of life you're facing.


Click the following links for the scripture references given in this lesson.   

J Corinthians 3:6-15 - Jesus Foundation Scripture  |  God's Kingdom Scripture


The process God has provided us to make the transformation from where we are today to who God says we are, is accomplished the same way as for planting seeds, only the seeds I'm speaking of here are seeds of faith - "faith seeds." 

I Corinthians 3:6-15 demonstrates the process for spiritual growth and abundance. 

The greatest action to take after salvation is to center your life around God for a life of great blessings and to be a blessing. This will create a deep relationship with God that will guide you onto His path or will for you life. 

As we continue to move forward with God by taking His lead (guidance) and building upon a foundation of Jesus Christ, God will give us increase and reward us greatly. Our greatest reward being the fulfilling work and life we can achieve in Him that will bless spirit, soul, body and mind. 

These scriptures prove the importance of living in the NOW rather than looking into the future or back into the past.  God provides our every need, giving us the peace of knowing that we have everything we desire.

Practice daily, living in the moment and receive what God has made available to you.  You'll have no reason for worry or stress.

For great success daily, meditate upon the scriptures above.


Plant Your Faith Seeds...

            And God Will Water Them To Prosper Your Life!

Daily we must water the seeds of what we want or what we have asked God for in prayer (planting) with positive confession or affirmations (watering).  We must look to God with trust that He will prosper our sowing as we speak and live His Word so that the watering process will allow the Holy Spirit to give our seeds or watering life and increase.

It's very important that we plant our faith seeds daily.  I have to be honest and say that there are times I get get busy and don't put God's Word first.  However, when I do that, my success level begin to drop and I begin to experience difficulties.

When I get back into "spiritual gear" I realize how silly it is to not take time for God.  I always end up getting more done and having a really blessed day--every day, no matter what!

So keep yourself filled with the Word of God and you'll continue to rise to the level of God's Word in every situation.  This is the way you plant your faith seeds upon a foundation of Jesus Christ.  

When you have an individual need, put forth your faith and action in the area of God's principles for faith and prayer and the specific scripture for what you need.  For example, if you have a money need, you would combine the laws of reciprocity, advancement, and abundance with prayer and faith. As we combine these as a mix from a recipe, we develop the successful qualities God intended us to have when we were first saved.

Should you need to grow your faith for money issues, I have devoted a whole website to the subject because of the difficult economic times. It is completely based upon God's Word and basic money fundamentals for debt relief, money growth and career promotion.  Visit:

God's Kingdom Conlusion

I Corinthians 3:6-15 mixed with Matthew 6:15-34 gives us the benefit of "sowing" and generously "reaping" which is what Kingdom living is all about.  As we keep an abiding trust in God that He will supply our needs in the present (Matthew 6:34 tells us not to take thought for tomorrow) while we build or "plant" upon a foundation of Jesus Christ, we will have abundance and increase (reaping).

This constitutes a plan of wealth that goes beyond just receiving an abundance of money. It goes deep within the intricacies of our hearts for change, developing us into a people ready to serve God with boldness and confidence. It will also guide us into our unique work or calling from which we will bring forth the greatest fruits of our labor to the glory of God.

Another important aspect of living fulfilled lives through Jesus Christ is to be a blessing to our families and to leave our  children a legacy of kingdom living.

In closing, as we advance daily through Kingdom living, our lives will begin to take shape with all the rough edges smoothed and polished and our hearts shining with the light of Jesus Christ.

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Victorious Living belongs to every Christian because of God's amazing grace. But how does a new Christian or a Christian new to the Word step right in and begin living such a lifestyle? 

I've just revised my classic Bible Study, The Path To Victorious Christian Living, to share more specific information that will help all Christians live the victorious life in Christ by learning how to receive Kingdom Living.  I'm going to show you how easy it is from the first lesson.

The study teaches how to begin a lifestyle of answered prayer, victorious living and great peace.  It continues with information to create a foundation of Jesus Christ within your heart for daily Godly living and that will make God's Word come alive in you as you learn it.  

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