Family Bible Study Tips

Family Bible Study Tips

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Family Bible Study Tips will help you organize your time for family study. Although this is not a Bible study, each tip gives direction for guiding your family members into a Bible study no matter what their age. Children learn about the Bible differently at different age levels so we need to help them understand God from their point of view.

You’ll find ideas for small children, older children, teens and adults. If you have any ideas to add, please share with us and we’ll add them here.”

The sooner you expose your children to Christianity the easier it will be for them to feel natural about reading the Bible, worshiping God, praying and even talking about scripture and reading Bible stories.

Each tip will give you many ideas for helping your children at all ages learn about communicating with God and practicing the fundamentals of faith and prayer. This is great information if you are new to studying the Bible.

Each tip below is actually an article that you’ll receive by filling out the form below.

Ten Family Bible Study Tips

1. Prioritize Your Time For God

2. Develop a Family Worship Time

3. Spend Time Praying As A Family

4. Children Bible Study Ideas

5. How to Make Bible Study Fun for Teens

6. Family Bible Study

7. Making the Bible Part of Life

8. Biblical Puppet Shows for Kids

9. Learn the Bible Through Games

10. Learn the Bible Through Crafts

Pray over your family that each member comes to enjoy this devoted time to God.  Always be the example with patience, God’s love.  Pray as a parent in Christ Jesus to best understand how to reach each of your children and spouse if they are less inclined than you are to commit to these studies.

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