Christian Bible Studies Success Tips

Bible Studies Success Tips

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The following Bible Studies Success Tips will help you make the most of your studies. It’s not enough to read the Bible and then not think about it again until your next lesson or devotional. There’s a little more involved, but it’s well worth the effort.


The Result of Faith and Faith Actions

While regular Bible studies based upon God’s Word will do much to enrich the Christian lifestyle, the practice and use of faith principles is a must to make them life-changing. What point is there to read the Bible if it’s not going to make an impact upon your life?

The Bible is God’s instruction book for our lives, so it’s important that we create a pattern of study that will make the scriptures come alive in us for successful daily living. We can do that easily by using the “God kind of Faith” over our studies. The result of inner growth or change we experience will actually transform our thinking to attain the successful results we desire within the areas where we have focused our attention.

This might sound complicated to some or too much work to others, but the foundation for our Bible Studies Success Tips is quite a simple process based upon Romans 10:17. This is a well-known verse, yet the principle is not quite clear for those who find themselves clueless as to why their studies are not making much of a difference in their lives.

By examining this short verse in paraphrase, we easily see the principle: “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Put another way, “listen or hear God’s Words to develop our faith.” Knowing this one principle will take any Bible Study lesson and turn it into a powerful means of positive change.


Success with God depends upon our acting upon His Word, so it is clear that we must take action to hear God’s Words for developing our faith. We do this by studying it, speaking it, and therefore hearing it. As we do this and act upon it, we begin to experience the changes in our behavior (our souls) which releases the faith that God put within our hearts at our salvation.

This specific transformation is the experience we’re told to achieve in Romans 12:2 which tells us to not be conformed to the world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds to prove what is the good, and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Everyday thinking that is conformed to the world consists of the negative thinking that tells us “we are not good enough” as opposed to God’s Word which tells us that “all things are possible for those who believe.” The thinking of the world can be self-centered, causing us to covet, be angry, jealous and mean-spirited, while God’s Word tell us that all of our needs and desires are met, so that we can be thankful and kind instead of ungrateful and cruel.

So when you begin your next Bible study, or complete the one you’re studying now, make the most of it by meditating upon what you learn throughout the day. This will cause a transformation in your thought process for successful actions throughout your day.

Let us know how these Bible Studies Success Tips have worked for you. We welcome you to use our Forum or my Victory Blog. We’d love to hear from you!

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