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What Is The Weight Loss Project?

Discover Your Beauty In Christ From Within First To
Achieve Lasting Weight Loss, Health and Beauty On The Outside

The Weight Loss Project is not a diet, a program or a system that requires your spending money on special foods or monthly membership fees.  Instead, I've created a project, which is a creative means of accomplishing weight loss with a strong foundation of God's Word to guarantee it's success. 

It's creative and personal, because I'm going to show you how to easily taylor it to your body needs, health, likes and dislikes, your current weight and your lifestyle.  Your project will be different than someone else's project, yet the basic fundamentals maintain the same foundation and wisdom.

Once you join the project, you'll receive everything you need immediately to understand the simplicity of scriptural weight loss.  As you go through the spiritual growthfundamentals based 100% upon scripture within a 7-day period or less, you'll be off and running. And I'll be there to help and guide you when you need me (no, I won't be charging you coaching fees!). See below to learn what the project offers.  

What you're going to learn will teach you how to change from the inside out to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life while you eat what you want.  More importantly, you'll learn to have victory over whatever problems come against you or are plaquing you now. YOU'RE GOING TO BECOME MORE THAN A CONQUEROR IN CHRIST JESUS.  You're going to establish a Godly lifestyle which includes good health, confidence and looking great at any age!

The Weight Loss Project

- By Margaret Lukasik


Grow in spirit and mind as you use God's Word to achieve your ideal body weight for good health, healing, fitness and inner confidence.  And you don't have to diet or give up the foods you love!



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Features Of The Biblical Weight Loss project

"It's My Goal To Help At Least 20 Christians Attain Their Healthiest Weight In Christ Jesus Within The Next 6 Months. Will You Be One Of The First 20?"

"See below what the project is exactly and what it will do for you."   - Margaret Lukasik 

It's Never Too Late To Be Your Best!

We can do all things in Christ, which means that we can lose weight when we reach a point where being overweight is causing poor health or it's so out of control that it's a sign that something is wrong from within the body or soul.  

If you're centering upon food for enjoyment or you find it difficult to enjoy food because you're afraid it's going to make you gain weight, the Christian Weight Loss Project will put you on the right path. You'll learn how to enjoy eating while you achieve your perfect and healthy weight. 

The Project is based upon my weight loss experience and experiment without God's Word and with God's Word using the secret I discovered when writing my Bible study site foundation study, The Path To Victorious Living. 

I was ridiculed as a child for being overweight, but now at 70, I receive compliments that I look much younger than my age.  The picture at the left is a selfie I took 3 years ago in my living room.  Corinthians 6:19-20 tells us that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit so it's scriptural to maintain good health, healing and joy about how we look so that we can live exceptional lives that begin from within the heart or spirit.  It's amazing how God can change how we look when we follow His ways.  

Please review the highlights below of what you need to learn and experience if you've tried all the fad diets and you've ended up worse off than before you began.  It's time to get out of the cycle of continued "weight-loss and weight gain" to a life of enjoyment and healthy living without giving up eating or the foods you love!  You can use the project alone or combine it with a healthy weight loss program.  It's up to you. 

Weight Loss Secret

Learn what the Bible has to say about good health, how to have it, how to lose weight and keep it off while eating what you like!

Weight Loss Plan

Understand weight loss mechanics using scripture, answered prayer and practical wisdom for eating and easy body activity for anyone.

Weight Loss DVD

Understand how to use God's Word over your life as well as your weight for a well-rounded life in Christ that yields good health, peace and joy.

Weight Loss Audio

Remain encouraged with the right attitudes, thoughts, words and actions to become the person God intended that you to become. 

How The Biblical Weight Loss Project Will Help You...

...Learn why you can be sure that God, the Creator and Sustainer of the heavens and the earth, will keep his word to bring you good health and the correct weight loss for your age, body type and height.

...Know that Isaiah 32:17 tells us that the rightousness of God can expect peace and confidence.  We don't have to suffer in order to lose weight.  We can be at peace because Christians are the rightousness of God!

...Avoid spending money on dangerous diets, pills and programs.  God's Word is free.  Use it with healthy programs if you need to, but you don't have to if you are self-motivated or have little money.

...Learn why the project isn't a temporary fix that will cause you to gain more weight in the future.  You're going to develop spiritual strenth that will cause you to desire good health over food deprivation.

What Is The Christian Weight Loss Project Exactly?

While you see on the left an ebook, worksheets and video/audio, this isn't the Christian Weight Loss Project in it's entirety.  There's much more than I can show you.  The prgram covers a spectrum of whatever you might need in your weight loss endeavors by looking to Christ.

I've made everything you need for success available to you whether you're a new Christian or new to the Word, you're very overweight or just a little overweight.  I've created a special place where you can go to begin right away.  You won't have to read or study for days or months.  God's Word is simple.  Therefore you can jump right in with God to begin. 

The tools and information I share will give you the wisdom, encouragement and daily enrichment to begin transforming your thinking and your body to the way God intended specficially for you!  And even more exciting, I'll be available for suggestions and more encouragement if you need extra help (no coaching fees incurred!).  The project is always there for you.  The Christian information is spread over 7 days, but if you're busy, you can take as long as you like. 

I've created special videos and audio where I pray with you and teach you to confess God's Word for whatever you need--not just weight loss!  After all, many of us have had weight problems caused by internal problems that have paralyzed us into thinking that eating will help us forget, but we can't do that until we've turned them over to the Lord.  

Let me help you live your life victoriously in Christ!   


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