The Christian Money Growth Bible Study 

Financial Freedom Through Kingdom Living...

The Christian Money Growth Bible Study For Kingdom Living is a unique study that will guide you into a deep relationship with God as you increase your money or get out of debt according to Biblical principles.  You'll take action with God from the first lesson!

Learn Why People All Over the World Are Taking The Christian Money Growth Bible Study...

Learn About God's Kingdom

Discover where God's Kingdom is and how to reside within it for spiritual as well as financial growth

Learn Why You Are Worthy

YOU ARE WORTHY before God to receive all of His blessings and I'm going to show you why 

Develop Great Faith Now

The first lesson will lead you to take action over your money problems with a new understanding of FAITH

Unlock God's Financial Blessings

Utilize God's financial strategy that will change your money situation and how you regard money.

Speak Affirmations The Right Way

Speak affirmations the scriptural way to actually make a difference in your life for the long term

About Tithes and Offerings

People give money to God and are worse off than before they gave.  Learn how to Give God's Way

Hello and Welcome!

"My name is Margaret Lukasik and I want to introduce my exciting home study for financial growth and debt relief God's way.  Currently it's helping Christians all over the world take control of their money and grow closer to God at the same time! 

I've been helping Christians on the Internet since 1999.  In 2007 I wrote the Kingdom Living study for Christian Money Growth based upon scripture and my personal experiences with the Word and that of others who I have helped as a Christian life coach (now retired). 

In this new launch of the study, I'm excited to announce that I've made the study even more dynamic.  It's designed to help Christians from all levels of Biblical knowledge -- even new Christians or Christians new to the Word begin the process for financial freedom and debt relief right away.  Not only that, I show how to receive money from God as I did years ago during my family's financial crises. 

The best part is that the study is not centered upon money but upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In fact, it will connect any believer with God to develop great inner change while they look to God for money growth to become a financial blessing and be blessed through Jesus Christ.   The study completely follows scripture and is in no way a part of the proserity messages being preached today. 


"Your Greatest Money Growth Potential Lies Within The Kingdom Of God!  Learn About God's Kingdom and How To Take Residence Today!"

Many Christians Are Missing Out On God's Greatest Blessings, But You Don't Have To.  If You're A Christian, Then You Can Receive God's Promises That Belong To You In Christ, But You Must First Understand How To Scripturally Trust God By Faith ...


God uses our problems to refine, develop and bless us if we learn how to work with Him.  God used my family's money problems years ago to teach us how to draw closer to Him and in the process we received financial blessings and opportunities that continue to this day.  But it took much time because we didn't understand the Bible regarding financial growth.  Once we did, we began to operate in God's financial strategy.

God's financial strategy was difficult until we learned how to center upon God through Kingdom living.   However, our real financial growth came as a result of one adjustment in our commitment to God based upon Matthew 6:25-34. 

I've made it easy for any Christian to use scripture for enjoying God's Kingdom living blessings much sooner than we did.  The information is all there in the Bible for anyone to use, but I've put it all together specifically for money growth in a way that won't take months or years to successully utilize.    


It's going to show you how to take action with God NOW for money growth and debt relief!  IT'S THE LACK OF ACTION THAT KEEPS CHRISTIANS FROM MOVING FORWARD WITH GOD, not their mistakes or past failures.  I'm going to show you how to take action immediately and reinforce that action throughout the rest of the study.  By the time you've completed Part I, Christian Money Growth, you should already see changes in your life and situation if you follow the study.


The Christian Money Growth Study Will Expand The Scope Of God's Blessings In Your Life!...


The Christian Growth Bible Study

For Successful Financial Growth

This exciting study was written for every level of Christian understanding whether new to the Word or a new Christian!

The study is divided into four parts.  It's going to build in you a success mentality while it changes your heart and mind for success rather than failure.

Part I of the study, Christian Money Growth, will change you from the first lesson and guide you to achieve money growth God's way and even receive a specific amount of money if needed! You'll learn how to pray for money as well as understand how to regard money God's way in order to perpetuate your money for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   

You'll Also Receive This Free "Must Have" Bonus To Enhance The Study

The Christian Money Growth
Bible Study Workbook

I used the contents of this notebook successfully years ago with the information from the Money Growth Bible Study to increase my family's money and to get out of debt.

However, the workbook is invaluable to Christian growth in all areas of life so that you can use it with all your Bible studies. 


This Is A Unique Study ...

You won't find another study like the Kingdom Living Study For Money Growth.  It's totally unique and it's only sold on my Christian sites.  I don't want to risk having my information advertised on sites that may reflect many of the prosperity messages given by televangelists and personal growth gurus.  My study works because it centers upon God and His Kingdom first, not money or material things.

You'll learn to stop walking in circles and achieve the financial goals you desire.   It blends both God's financial and spiritual growth principles.  Below is just a short list of what my husband and I discovered that I have included in the study.

  • MOST IMPORTANT!  We found the way to get God involved in our situation NOW rather than waiting years to find relief the way we had done in the beginning of our studies!
  • By learning how to scripturally "rest in Christ" one's faith will growth to great proportions as they learn how to stand firm in faith.  Even new Christians can find this rest! 
  • We were empowerd by following the life of Abraham from the Old Testament by learning how and why God blessed Him so richly and why we are entitled to His blessing because of Jesus.
  • Once we learned how to scripturally pray successfully by using the correct prayer, we were able to know without a doubt that we had the money we needed. 
  • By scriptually thanking God, answers to our prayers were accelerated and we were able to realize financial increase each month to cover what we needed until we were out of debt.
  • We learned how to have the right attidue before God and understand why He desires for us and all of His children to prosper and why we are good enough to receive all of His blessings NOW.

See What Others Are Saying About It...

Author Jackquie Woodward

"Thank you for the study! Christian Money Growth focuses upon working within Kingdom living principles. It's a powerful book and I'm certain it has and will help many."

Jacquie Woodward | "Slam The Door On Cancer"

Kaysha Sahai, Biblical Health Coach

"I am so enjoying my afternoon reading your Christian Money Growth Series.  Really powerful teachings - the scripture used, the examples and the analogies.  I am being truly blessed."

Kaysha Sahai | "The Biblical Path To Wellness"


Begin Your Best Life By Learning How To Center Upon God While You Apply His Word For Kingdom Living!

- Secure Your Kingdom Living Rights To Attain Financial Freedom -
Both Digital eBooks Are In PDF Format For Your Convenience!

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The one-time only payment includes the PDF eBook Christian Money Growth Bible Study and PDF Workbook.

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