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We’re all free to receive Christian healing in Jesus’ Name  because of His work on the cross. I’ve received healing through Jesus Christ many times, beginning in my early twenties when I was healed of the asthma I had since a young child, then later in my mid-thirties when I was told I had the beginning stages of cervical cancer.  Not too many years ago I became ill with an unknown illness that made me so weak I couldn’t get out of bed.  But God healed me once again.  

Go to “my healing experience” to learn more about the miraculous healings I received by my faith in God’s Word. 

There were many major Christian healings between each of these incidents that were for my children and husband. Our lives are proof that Jesus is still healing today!  Hallelujah!   While I don’t reject the work of the medical profession, I always look to God first when it comes to healing.  

I’ve included many links to pages I’ve written on the subject of Christian healing.  I hope many of them can help you develop an attitude that you can receive from God “NOW”  For instance I needed healing “NOW” when I found out about having cancer.  I had three children and two were very small.  I wanted to raise them with my husband.  I received my healing within two weeks and was given the official health report from my doctor shortly afterward.  I didn’t have time to waste. 

There have been many times in my life when I need to have what I call a “BIG FAITH ATTITUDE.”  We all need it for every area of life.  For instance recently someone tried to break into my home when I was alone.  God woke me up and told me that someone was at my front door.  I had to depend upon God 100%.  I had no weapon at the time so He told me what to do and what to say to get the devil to flee from my home.  I could see him through the window on the door trying to break in.

James 4:7 (NASB)  Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

I leaned upon God and trusted that He would show me what to do.  I obeyed His instructions as I listened to the person at my door yelling at me that he was sorry as he ran away.  He also said, “It’s not what you think.”  But when someone is jiggling your door knob and then trying different keys to enter your home, it is what you think!

However, God’s thoughts override what we see or feel coming against us. His Word tells us to have a “BIG FAITH ATTITUDE” over fear that can work against us.   I later called the police for the sake of my neighbors, but I knew God was with me and I knew He would work through the police to protect our neighborhood.  That doesn’t mean that I was 100% free of any fear. but I felt God’s presence calming me, telling me that I was safe.     

This is why I wrote the course, “The Victorious Christian Living 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge” instead of a book about healing.  There are many great ones already written and I haven’t been blessed to write anything better.  But I haven’t seen books that help Christians quickly cut through all the emotion and fear that they’re not good enough, faithful enough or blessed enough to receive what they need from God NOW–especially Christian healing.    

Let us pray with you for Healing by the Prayer of Agreement.  Go to Healing Prayer List.


The following Christian Healing Study Links will help you receive your healing with encouragement, lessons and resources.


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