Christian Destiny Part I

Live Your Best Life In Christ Jesus!

PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE BY Margaret Lukasik

I wrote this study because many Christians don't understand how important they are to God and the great life He has for them.  So many Christians don't understand how special they are and I hope this short study will help them understand their great worth. 

Based On The Classic Bible Study, God's Plan For Your Life

Get Ready For Your Most Fulfilled Life!

Looking To God For Career, Ministry, Business and Christian Service

If you're not living your Christian destiny and you're a believer, you've probably known for sometime that God has something special for you, but you can't figure out what it is.  This is because we have to approach God to receive this special guidance in a specific way.

This particular Bible Study centers upon the reality of God's call upon each Christian's life and the means by which they can discover what it is and how to walk in it for the rest of their lives.  

I've made available this condensed version from my God's Plan For Your Life Bible Study so that my visitors will understand how to approach God about living their most fulfilled lives in Christ.

Should you need further study about how to fulfill God's plans, purposes and pursuits for your life and to help God share the Gospel within your community, you can continue with the eBook study.

       Christian Cross

Revelation 1:6 tells us:  "And has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen."


You Were Made By God's Design To Serve Him In A Special and Unique Way Within The Church or Outside The Church

Not knowing what God has called us to do can be a nagging and perplexing state of mind that has caused many Christians to have doubts about their purpose or calling in life.

To learn what God has equipped us to do is the beginning of our special and unique work, so it is important that you seek your calling from God.  Although God has created your destiny, you must initiated His plans in your life.  God cannot force anyone to do anything, including the fulfillment of their Christian destiny. 

We are all ministers, even if we have not been called into a church ministry as a leader or within the ministry of helps. God has created a ministry position for you alone and if you haven't stepped forward to take your assignment, it's still waiting for you no matter what you're doing today or how old you are.  

If God has designed your special work outside the church you will work within a ministry called a marketplace ministry as a "king" which is your career or business. This type of calling connects a career or business, your life's purpose and your desire to serve God into one package. It holds the passion of your life and the greatest fulfillment.

You can begin your ministry right where you stand today by making the decision to look to God for direction. This is living your destiny in the beginning stages.  

It's important to note that because everyone is different, God works with each of us differently.  We all are at different places in life with different talents, different obligations and so forth.  

So it's important that we just relax with God and let Him do His work in our lives in a way that will work best for each of us. Whatever changes are needed, he'll help us make them.


Asking For God's Guidance For Living Your Christian Destiny 

Part of our salvation is to know what direction or course in life we should take to make the most of our abilities, talents, intellectual capabilities, and our education to serve God.  

It's a sad and unfortunate fact that most Christians have not been taught how to communicate with God for prayer as well as for destiny discovery and development. This has left many wondering what God wants them to do as well as waiting most of their lives to hear something from God in order to find inner fulfillment.  For too many Christians, time passes by without their finding any answers.  

It's the purpose of this study to change that reality by helping you live your destiny as God has purposed.  Should it not be as you may have imagined it, I can assure you that in time you will embrace it with great passion, commitment, and excitement.  You will come to not only love it, but be thankful for it.  

You can begin living your destiny with the prayer of dedication and consecration.  However before you dedicate your life to Christ and consecrate your work to God, it can be helpful to ask God to show you if you are a "king" or a "priest." Another way to put this is to know whether God wants you to fulfill a ministry calling or a career/job/business within the world.  

If God has called you to the ministry you'll know it.  If you try to force yourself into ministry against His will, you may have some success, but it won't have the impact your true calling will have. The same goes for business if you were called into ministry.   

Once you ask for God's will to be done in your life and give your will over to God, you've set your feet on the right path for receiving God's will for you alone, and for the blessings that go with it.  By this I don't mean that God will automatically change your life.  You'll move according to His direction which is usually slow and it includes preparatation.  

Note:  Although living your destiny begins with God's guidance and your accepting it, you should not act on it without waiting upon God for timing and instruction first unless you hear otherwise.  You move step-by-step with God.


Living Your Christian Destiny No Matter What Your Problems 

Christians can move forward with God's plans to serve Him no matter what their problems or circumstances.  God will show you how to have victory over the troubles of your life so that you can serve Him now without waiting.  Living your destiny is not a mystery and can emerge through our difficulties and problems as we look to God. 

The difficulties Christians experience that are keeping them from God's will is a combination of the following attitudes:

  1. A person doesn't feel worthy or good enough to serve God
  2. The belief that one's life is too complicated
  3. Not having a desire to live God's will
  4. A fear of giving up our will to God even if we desire to serve
  5. A fear of losing activities and people who are toxic to our well-being and God's will


All of these fears can be overcome by trusting God that as you give your life to Him completely, you will not be losing anything, but instead gaining a life filled with purpose, victory and the ability to accomplish all things through Jesus Christ.


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