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Your book is important to us.  This is why we've just reconstructed this site to give your book more exposure to the right audience.  

We've created Bible studies and other important Christian information that will bring the targeted audience Christian authors need for their books to get attention 

All you have to do, is to send me your book, website address and bio and I'll do the rest. With my 10 years of Internet marketing experience I will promote you, your book, your book information and book review in various categories of interest to attract the best suited audience for your book genre. 

I'll also write a blog post to announce your book and to announce your book review once it's published.  This will also bring your book more Internet attention because I will use different keywords in order to target a wider group of people looking for books like yours.   If this sounds like what you're looking for, then please keep reading!

Who Is The Person Behind The Book Promotion and Reviews?

Hi I'm Margaret Lukasik, The Author Of This Site

Dear Author, I'm a Christian author too, so I understand the hard work and time that goes into writing Christian books as well as the prayer needed to remain focused upon what God desires to say through us for others.  My Christian Book Promotion Program is dedicated to spreading quality Christian information throughout the world by means of the Internet. If you have a Christian book or Kindle book that can be helpful to the Christian community, you may be interested in allowing me to promote and review your book.  I'm going to give you the attention I give to my Christian Bible studies that have been helping Christians for many years.  And, I will purchase your book to give you a "verified purchase" on because I'm an reviewer.

-Margaret Lukasik

On The Internet Since 1999

It Can Be Difficult To Get Your Book Noticed By The People Who Want To Read It

One of the best advantages of my program is that I have a content website that offers more than book reviews and promotions.  I offer free Bible studies and other information that targets the type of Christian information and books that I review and promote.  So my site automatically draws the right audience for your book if it has a Christian theme.  I will use all that my site has to offer to your advantage.   And I'm constantly updating this site so that it remains active and not forgotten. 

I'm also going to promote your book to the social networks.  I post on three different Facebook pages that are Christian oriented, one of which is for books. I use Twitter, Pinterest I make (beautiful Pinterest Images) Linkedin, Digg and Google +.   As stated, I will also purchase your book and give you an book review as a part of my Christian Book Promotion process.

I Can Help You Get Your Book Known With Continual Promotion, and a Compelling Review That Will Capture The Theme Of Your Book 

How Else Will I Work To Get The Right Audience For Your Book?

Through my Christian Book Promotion program I give more than just a simple review of a paragraph or two or use a summary submitted by the author. I write compelling copy that centers upon the crux of what the author is striving to convey in their book.   

I do this by creating a page with specific keywords throughout the review that is "Search Engine Friendly."  This is so important that I spend time researching the best keywords to use, even when using the title of the book. This means that I will create your review in a specific way to target the right audience for your book genre to get known by possible buyers.

My Christian Book Review method helps authors find the right audience for their novels, information, biographies and so forth. So in the long run your book will get more attention on my site that continues to increase!

Christian Book Reviews Criteria

Books can be in any genre, but they must either have a Christian theme or flow within the Christian ethic. So your book does not have to reflect a Christian theme, but it should express Christian values. I will not accept books that include explicit sex, pornography, or profanity -- especially expressions taking the Lord's name in vain.

References to sex must be kept subtle in ways that are not offensive to my Christian readers.

If your book is not specifically Christian, but it offers information that can be helpful to our readers such as books of health, encouragement, exercise, spiritual growth which flows with the Christian message, biographies, drama, family, etc. I will be happy to give your book a review.*

Christian Book Reviews and Promotion Package Fee


One-Time Fee:

Why do I charge a *fee? For two main reasons. The first is because I put much work and time into getting your book known on the Internet. And I never stop working to promote your book!

The other reason is because I don't want your book review to be one of hundreds. Also, I can't offer the quality work I desire to give each book and author if I review books full-time. So I'm looking for quality rather than quantity!  Not all authors are willing to believe in their work enough to make specific investments that will get their books known. So this keeps the number of reviews I give to a minimum. 

This also gives my site a reputation for sharing great books where the author has put their heart into their writing. If this sounds like you, then I believe your book will be a good fit for my website.


What Is My Fee?

Surprisingly small for all that I will do for you. My one-time fee for the Christian Book Reviews, Promotion and Advertising Package is only $89.97.  And in addition, included in the package is a new formatting page style to make it more Search Engine Friendly (SEO) and to better grab the attention of busy page surfers.  

Click here and here to see what your beautiful Christian book promotion page will look like.  I have just switched to this style of promotion pages because this is how I've been getting attention for my Bible Studies and I find that it works better than regular pages.   

For the fee, you will receive the following:

  • I am an reviewer.  Therefore I will purchase your Kindle ebook to give you a review on as well as on your page.  Sorry, but I only purchase Kindle ebooks.   
  • 1 promotion page constructed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to achieve great page ranking and beautifully formatted (example).
  • 1 announcement blog post of your promotion page constructed with SEO.
  • 1 full review on the promotion page with specific keywords placed strategically for SEO ranking.
  • Announcement to my blog subscribers
  • Announcements posted on my Christian Facebook pages
  • Twitter broadcast of your review and blog post and posts to my major social networks.
  • Your other books will be listed.
  • Your link and other purchase links will be listed for purchasing on your page.
  • I will include your email and website address if you wish to promote them
  • Your book will be listed on my Book Reviews Page Links to insure that you page can be found on my site and on the major search engines. 

Once you send the one-time fee of $89.97 through PayPal (you do not need an account with PayPal to pay) you will receive a form to fill in your information so that I can begin your page.  Books will be purchased in Kindle ebook only.*


Join My Christian Book Review Program!

Then Click On The "Return To Merchant Button"
To Get Your Form. If You Don't, Contact Me To Obtain It.

* I reserve the right to return any book and the complete promotion fee if I don't feel that I can give a good or honest review because the book doesn't fit within my criteria. The complete fee will be returned immediately.

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