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The Christian Book Review Index Lists Books I have Reviewed and Rated If Appropriate

Easily find the books I have reviewed and promoted according to their genre. This program is new, but growing. If you would like to know more about my Christian Book Review, Advertising and Promotion Program, go here now to find out what I will do for your book. 

- Margaret Lukasik, author of this site.


Discover God's Word In Many Forms Of Writing

I am very thankful that I was led to create this exciting program to help authors promote and advertise their books. It was never an intention for my Christian websites; it actually emerged by accident.

I had a growing interest in website and Internet marketing while I was trying to promote my own books and website pages. Eventually I had achieved No. 1 page ranking on Google, the major search engines for my book pages and major web pages. I had noticed that many Christian authors didn't have websites or blogs to promote their books, but instead author pages from the site of their book publisher.

In most cases those pages aren't going to be as helpful as a complete website that has continued growth, like mine, so I decided to help Christians promote and advertise their books on my site to accommodate their need. Many author's don't have the time, desire or knowledge to run and perpetuate a successful website or blog, but with my help they can achieve the kind of Internet promotion they need. The first book I reviewed and promoted I sold the author's book in the first couple of weeks.

That's when I decided to offer more for authors than just a review and an ad for their book from I do much more and it's making a big difference! In fact I have just increased my advertising and promotion efforts, so my program has even greater potential to get books sold and known.

The books in my program are shown below in my Book Review Index. They represent themes such as Christian self-help, spiritual growth and Christian entertainment. There are many ways to learn about the Word of God, so I also accept novels that take Christians on a journey from difficult life situations to victory through God's Word or that display Christian values whether the book is Christian or not.

I also accept books about health issues, website SEO and other business growth platforms that can help my audience learn and grow in their personal and business lives. Therefore, I welcome such genres as long as they promote honest business practices. If you would like to see your book included in my Book Review Index or you just need more information, go here.

Book Review Index

Christian Growth

Fortis Momentum "Losers Like Us: Redefining Discipleship After Epic Failure!" Daniel Hochhalter has written a refreshing Christian growth book that identifies with the feelings and problems we all experience realistically. More...
Fortis Momentum "Fortis Momentum" Christian Self-Help by Chris Downs. This is a unique Christian guidebook to help with prayer, Christian growth and developing a deep relationship with God. More...
The Great Battle Has Begun The Great Battle Has Begun - By Dr. Kelly Bowring. Biblical Commentary of Revelation.  This is a book that every Christian should have.  It gives instruction on the latter day times even with instructions to be safe and have victory.
A Nation Under Judgment "A Nation Under Judgment" Christian Non-fiction by Richard Capriola. A Nation Under Judgment reviews social policies from a Scriptural point of view empowering readers to decide whether or not our nation is moving away from God.  More...
No Shame Only Power "No Shame Only Power" By Val Newton Knowles. Develop your self-esteem to become a winner in life by the power of God's Word!  If you don't believe that God created you to have great success and to love your life, then you need Val's new Book!  More...
One New Dudette "One New Dudette" By Jeff Zahorsky.  Learn your true identity by learning how to identify with Christ.  As you do, you'll receive a life that is filled with great ability, promise and renewed life to life the purpose God has waiting to give you. Follow Jeff's 7 steps to discover the real you!  More...

Quiet Time: Setting Our Heart On God

Quiet Time: Setting Our Heart On God - By Geoseff Doulos.  is the first in The Ezra 710 Discipleship Series, created to teach Christians how to develop a strong relationship with God while they learn to teach others how to do the same.  I will be giving a full review in a short time.  More... 

Withstanding The Winds

Withstanding The Winds By Charmain Griffith. An encouraging devotional journal that pieces together Scripture with true-to-life examples of triumph and trial, offering hope to those fighting in the trenches, strength for those whose hearts have fainted, and peace to those who feel downtrodden. More...
Launch Out Into The Deep Christian Novel

Launch Out Into The Deep By Acacia Beumer. Through a series of essays and poems written by Aaron Slaton, this Christian inspiration self-help book shares real life experiences as a witness to the power of god's word in action!  More...

No Innocent Affair

No Innocent Affair by Edward Mrkvicka Jr. This no-nonsense book deals with the subject of adultery and the devastating affects that occur not only in the cheating individual's life, but in their jobs, the lives of family members and also their friends.  More...

122 Love Letters From the Throne of God "122 Love Letters from the Throne of Grace" This Christian daily devotional written by Nichole Marbach is a beautiful series of prophetic messages from God.  Receive peace, joy, encouragement and so much more.
Apprehended and Apprehending "Apprehended & Apprehending" Learn how to fully live your salvation based upon the Word of God.  Don't make the mistake of following the wrong doctrine--follow Jesus Christ and you will follow the path to God's best for your life.  More...
The Sin Of Foregiveness "The Sin Of Forgiveness" Christian forgiveness is of utmost importance to believers, so the subject of Edward's new book can help you learn how to Biblically forgive with the intention of bringing healing to both sides of forgiveness. More...
CrossCurrents "CrossCurrents" - Making Sense of the Christian Life, by Harry James Fox, gives a bold critique of contempory acceptance of the declining Christian ethic which has given way to a lower standard for Christian scripture and understanding of God from a Biblical point-of-view instead of man's interpretation. More...
Navigating Your Seasons Of Change "Navigating Your Seasons Of Change" - Navigating Your Seasons of Change by Donald E. Graham Jr., takes you on a journey of self awareness that will help you better understand the season you are in and how to effectively navigate your way through it. More...

Biography, Christian Growth and Inspiration

                            Author Jim Gloyd                
"Becoming Free From The Judas In Me" - by Jim Gloyd "When author Gloyd was in a state of backsliding and dying from a Meth overdose there was no help as his very life and mind tried to evade him.  It is hard for the almost dead to hook themselves up to their own life support system, but he had to do just that.
Becoming Holy "Becoming Holy" - Based upon the author, Fountain Hendrick's own inner changes, the book is a tool for giving instruction and guidance to achieve the standard that Jesus teaches in the New Testament about living a life pleasing to God. More...
Nuggets Of Gold To Feed The Soul "Nuggets Of Gold To Feed The Soul" - Author Dr. Joe Judkins has combined 7 books of Christian inspiration to create this mega book of wisdom, encouragement and joy that will benefit anyone for various times of their lives. More...
An Interview With Lucifer "An Interview with Lucifer" - The book exposes Lucifer as the deceiving angel that he is. It will show you why he separated from God and what he did when he rebelled against Jesus Christ. More...

Church Helps

Evangelism God's Way Manual

Evangelism God's Way Manual  by evangelist Deborah Nembhard-Colquhoun  "Just released, this new self-help manual exemplifies the most effective methods of evangelism. It also provides many strategic plans and guidelines for effective evangelism concerning discipleship, educating and leadership."  More... 

Christian Book Review Index

How Shall We Feed Them? - A Practical Guide for Organizing a Food Pantry by Marty Girardier What a joy "How Shall We Feed Them?" was to read!  There are many aspects to Christianity, but one that is especially overlooked today, in the light of a difficult economy, is the church food pantry."  More... 

Christian Novels

Quiet Rain by April Willians

Quiet Rain - Religious Spiritual Fiction Novel by April Williams The main character, Josie Gibbs is a young woman who works in the cotton fields of FowlstownGeorgia. She has had a hard time finding true love. Josie longs to show her mother that she is not as vulnerable as she thinks.  More... 

      Masterpiece Book Review MASTERPIECE By Charter Road
In the midst of fixing their relationship, this Christian husband and wife stumble into British mystery and intrigue that involves them in a murder. More...
  Wills Purpose Christian Novel, Will's Purpose
A mysterious apparition compels reporter Will Simon to begin an investigation of his friend's possible murder at the eerily enchanting  Enlightenment Center in Sedona. More...
Christian Fiction Novel I'm Saved, Now What? Many Christians don't realize the benefits they have through their salvation in Jesus Christ. Let Margaret Wesley's new novel show you through her characters travails how to live the successful life in Christ. More...
Convicted by Tim Hughes

"Convicted" is the first book in a series of stories inspired by the parables of Jesus. The Impact Series focuses on the impact each of us has on the people we interact with every day. As Christians the light of Christ shines through us, often despite our best efforts to snuff it out.  More...

The Unwanted by Daniel Carter "The Unwanted" is a Christian Sci/fi thriller that entertains while it impacts the reader with a great message that the human spirit can overcome whatever challenges, especially with the help of God.  This is a great read if you love a great mystery and a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat!
The Day The World Retreated by Jim Armstrong "The Day The World Retreated" is an exciting Christian inspiration thriller novel that keeps you guessing from page to page.  Once you begin reading the story it will be difficult to put it down.  More...

Please return to my Christian Book Review Index to see new books that have been added.  This section is always growing.  If you'd like to add your book, visit my Book Review Guidlines Page.  Your book will also be placed here on my Book Review Index page as well.

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