Losers Like Us Can Be Winners In Christ!

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Losers Like Us Teaches That Christians Are Winners In Christ: Redefining Discipleship After Epic Failure By Daniel Hochhalter

Winners In Christ

I’m reading one of the most unique Christian life books I’ve read to date, and I’ve read many Christian books! While I’ve very much enjoyed reading most of them, “Losers Like Us: Redefining Discipleship After Epic Failure,” offers a completely different experience than the typical self-help book. The author, Daniel Hochhalter, speaks to what I believe is a large portion of the Christian community who have felt and lived the pain of being a “loser.”  But this new book shows believers that they are winners in life.

He assures Christians who are living with this same stigma that God loves them now–right in the midst of their failures and separation from the many ambiguous societal definitions of the term “successful.” I love that the author makes it clear his book is not a self-help book, but a message that God not only loves people in the midst of their problems and failures, but He uses them! This is an exciting message that should be preached in every church!


Overcome Your Loser Experience; God Made Us All Winners In Christ!

How many times have Christians been discouraged because members in their churches judged them according to worldly standards rather than God’s all encompassing love? I know how it feels. I was different and shy as a teenager attending a Sunday school class every week that was filled with high achievers and scholars from our local high school.  With all humility my older sister easily “fit in” due to her many scholastic achievements and successes as the number one student of her class and valedictorian, while I was shunned in class as the “loser sister” God could never use.  My sister was always kind to me, but it took time to learn about God’s unconditional love for me because of my church experience.

If you’ve ever felt like a loser, Daniel’s book can save you the agony of wandering around in circles trying to find your way and losing ground with every step! You’re going to learn that all believers are winners in Christ! “Losers Like Us” will take you on an exciting journey that is not only fun, but a great adventure! You’ll discover that the men and women in the Bible who God used were not superheros but people just like us who had problems, failures and discouragement. But as they yielded to God, just as we can, their lives became fulfilled and purposeful with God’s plans.

I’ll be reviewing “Losers Like Us: Redefining Discipleship After Epic Failure,” very shortly, so I’ll be posting that link on my blog once it’s completed. If you’d like to read more about Daniel’s book, go to Amazon.com to read his many great reviews or visit his promotion page on my site.

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