Announcing Liberating The Terminal Generation By Ray Cleghorn

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Announcing Liberating The Terminal Generation By Ray Cleghorn

The New Christian Book That Teaches The Fullness Of Salvation

Liberating The Terminal GenerationLiberating The Terminal Generation by Ray Clehorn was published July 15, 2016.  It’s a book that is certain to help many Christians realize the importance of reading scripture for study and to prove the doctrines they’ve accepted at face value.

The author discusses the set of events Jesus foretold in A.D. 30, which occurred 40 years later, yet they still have a great impact on us today in the 21st century.   He states that a lack of understanding of these fulfilled prophecies that both Jesus and John revealed, not only affect our attitude about life now, but can determine how we view and prepare for our future.

When Christians begin to grasp the truth of what Jesus prophesied, they’ll be able to be free of fear and enjoy the abundant Christian life He gave us.  Christians can truly be liberated from the unscriptural terminal generation mentality that so pervades modern religious thinking.

The book is geared toward new Christians but in actuality it addresses all Christians but specifically those who have never progressed past salvation because they believe “The Time is short” before the end comes.  It will also help Christians discover how to regain the joy that Jesus provided and free them to become the child of God that Jesus decreed all believers can become.

I believe this is a book that will shed the light on the lives of many Christians who haven’t been taught how to live past their salvation to live the fullness of God’s plan for their lives.  God has a plan for each of us and I truly believe this is a book that will not only encourage Christians to check the doctrines they’ve learned against the truth of God’s Word, but to also look forward to living their life on earth in victory through Jesus Christ.

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