Losers Like Us Book Review

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My “Losers Like Us” Book Review Announcement

Read My Review For Daniel Hochhalter‘s Book, Losers Like Us: redefining Discipleship After Epic Failure That Reveals The Truth About Jesus’ Twelve Disciples

Losers Like Us
Losers Like Us Book Review

If you’ve ever wanted to know about the the twelve disciples who walked with Jesus, Daniel Hochhalter gives us revealing details about each man and their backgrounds.  It’s a rare look into each of their lives, but his candid portrayal helps us realize that God isn’t looking for perfect people to serve Him, only people who are willing to transform their lives for Him.

I’d reveal more about this exciting book, but I don’t want to take away from my review.  Please visit Daniel’s review page to learn more about his book and to read my reviews.  He also has over 50 reviews on Amazon.com.  Use the links below to read what this unique book has to offer and to learn how it will enlarge your scope of God’s desire to use you no matter what mistakes you’ve made or what failures you’ve experienced.

Go to Amazon.com or go to Daniel’s Review Page on my site to read my review.