Living Your Salvation

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Are You Living Your Salvation Through Christ Jesus Or Have Your Taken Your Own Path?

The Gospel of "IF"
Are You Living Your Salvation?

I’ve just completed my book review of Edward Mrkvicka’s new book, The Gospel of “IF.”  The book is written to make Christians think about whether they are actively involved with God’s Word or complacent about their involvement with the Word which will cause them to lose their salvation.

Edward believes that only a few people are going to heaven and he desires to help increase the numbers though his inspiring.  Take his challenge and read his book to find out how the gospel of “IF” can get you into obedience of God’s Word in order to assure your salvation.  No matter how you might feel about his message, following it will open the door to living your salvation and to having a deeper relationship with God.

Please read my review of this new book to find out how I feel about this new book that makes Christian responsible for living their salvation to the fullest.

Please go to my book review of this controversial book.