An Interview with Lucifer Preview

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Christian Fiction book, An Interview with Lucifer Preview

An Interview with Lucifer Preview
An Interview with Lucifer Preview

An Interview with Lucifer preview gives a glimpse into this unique Christian fiction book, written by author Eddie Cruze, that makes clear there is most definitely a heaven and a hell.

The book promises to expose the truth about Lucifer for what he is, which is a deceiving angel. In this book you will learn why he did what he did when he rebelled against Jesus Christ. You will also learn why he hates mankind. This book will expose his tactics, just as the bible states and will inspire you to seek more of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

There’s no need to be afraid to bring up the topic of an evil presence in the world. Instead we need to be educated about it and know what and who is behind it. Author Eddie Cruz gives us more than just a glimpse into the truth about this fallen angel, but a realistic look at Lucifer in a way that people can easily understand and relate to.

This cleverly written book will help you understand that through Jesus Christ we have the authority to stand against Lucifer in faith and win because we have the greater one, and therefore, power in Christ’s Name. There is no time to be unsure if there is an evil presence in the world. Eddie’s book “An Interview with Lucifer” will reveal what you need to know and how to win against the temptations and destruction of evil.

I’ve written a review of the book and hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. This exciting book is available now on and Please watch for my post announcement of it’s completion! It will be ready shortly.


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