The Gospel of “IF” By Edward Mrkvicka

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What’s New In Christian Growth Books?  The Gospel of “IF” By Edward Mrkvicka

The Gospel of "IF"
The Gospel of “IF”

Author Edward Mrkvicka has written a new book he believes reveals a hidden doctrine which he calls the gospel of “IF.” Appropriately he has used the gospel for the title of his book, The Gospel of “IF.”  He also explains that because this important doctrine has become lost over time, that doesn’t mean that it was meant to become a secret.   Instead we should learn about it and utilize it if it is going to help us live God’s Word to the fullest.

Now it’s time for you to discover this lost information that the author says determines how you spend your eternity.  If your curious to find out about it, Edward’s book is ready for purchase now on

Find out for yourself about this doctrine.  As always, Author Edward Mrkvicka encourages His readers to validate his writings with scripture that he provides within his book.  You can do your own studies as well.  You can read more about Edward’s new book by visiting his book review page and you can find the link there as well.