Fortis Momentum Book Review

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Fortis Momentum Book Review By Jim Lukasik

Fortis Momentum Book Review
Fortis Momentum Book Review.

I enjoyed writing the Fortis Momentum book review.  The book itself was quite an impressive work that obviously took the author, Chris Downs, some time to write and organize into an excellent guide for Christians who need to better understand the Bible for especially prayer.

I found the book unique in it’s presentation and a great source of teaching for especially new Christians or Christians new to the Word.  However, it’s a book for every Christian that will help them learn how to pray for anything large or small, build faith for Christian growth and to learn how to draw nearer to God.

You can read my review to learn more about how I enjoyed the book by clicking here.  As I have said, I felt the book to be a great source of guidance that offers an array of tools to help Christians grow in Christ in order to develop a successful Christian Lifestyle.  I earnestly hope that my recommendation of Fortis Momentum will help you want to learn more about it and see for yourself what a great Christian tool this is. And please leave a review on to let others know what you thought of the book.

I encourage you to read Chris Down’s interview.  He has some very interesting answers to questions about why he created his his unique book cover the way he did, what led to writing his book and if he has written other books.  Here is the “Interview.” – James Lukasik

Book Genre:  Christian Growth / Christian Life / Christian Self-Help


Foris Momentum In Paperback

Fortis Momentum: A Spiritually Inspirational Self-Help Book of Prayers, Meditations, Thoughts, and Strategies for Christianity (Spiritually Inspirational Self-Help Books for Christianity)

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