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Christian Political Commentary Concerning America

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Christian Political Commentary, “A Nation Under Judgment” By Richard Capriola

A Nation Under Judgment
A Nation Under Judgement.

I’m announcing an exciting new book that was just released this month.  Author Richard Capriola’s book “A Nation Under Judgment” is a book that every American as well as Christian should read.  I think many of us today are asking ourselves if we’re still a nation under God.  If you’re looking for answers, then Richard’s book is for you!

The book examines the question, “what does it mean to be one nation under God?” The book discusses our Founding Fathers who believed it was more than a political slogan.   Have we strayed from their vision? A Nation Under Judgment reviews social policies from a Scriptural point of view empowering readers to decide whether or not our nation is moving away from God.

I’ll soon be reviewing this exciting book and will post the announcement here.


Information About The Author

Richard Capriola has served as a hospital chaplain and led a church based outreach ministry. He completed four years of Clinical Pastoral Education in preparation to being a hospital chaplain and has studied graduate level theology.

In addition to his pastoral care experience he has served as a mental health counselor at both a regional crisis center and a psychiatric hospital. He completed his undergraduate training at Western Illinois University and holds two masters degrees from the University of Illinois. He currently lives in Texas.

Visit The Author’s Website: A Nation Under Judgment.com


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