Christian Mystery and Romance Novel, “Masterpiece”

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Announcing The Christian Mystery and Romance Novel, “Masterpiece” by Charter Road

Christian Mystery and Romance
Christian Mystery and Romance

Be entertained and inspired at the time time reading this exciting Christian mystery and romance novel by the creative ministry called Charter Road.  This fictional story, titled MASTERPIECE, also provides fun and fantasy so you won’t want to miss out on this intriguing book.

If you love mysteries like I do, this one offers so much more.  I’ll share a little bit of the story to give you an idea of the plot and what a playing card has to do with it.

A husband and his British wife get into a fight and the husband leaves.  The wife, who is a detective, wants to restore her marriage so she uses a scientific device her husband gave her as a wedding present to find him.  When she does, he doesn’t remember her.

Things go wrong in the process of trying to help him remember her and they end up involved in a homicide case that somehow ties in with the British Intelligence.  This is where they receive a lead from a playing card that shakes things up with more confusion.   As they continue they are both caught up in a realm of virtual reality and discover a deadly plot against the husband.  To escape, they must trust God’s love to save them and their marriage.

My review of this exciting book of Christian Mystery and Romance will be completed shortly.

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