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CHARTER ROAD PRODUCTIONS INC. Is An Exciting Ministry Of Creative Christian Talent

Charter Road Productions

I wanted to share something new that I find exciting.  Because I do book reviews, I like to announce special projects initiated by God for the good of His people.  Charter Road Productions is just such an organization. 

Charter Road Productions Incorporated is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 performing arts organization.  The groups vision is to produce class act 3D animation, stage, film/video, and television productions that will inspire people to put their faith in God. We hope to make a difference in the entertainment industry that will affect future generations to come. 

I encourage you to look through this exciting website to see what God is doing through these committed Christians who desire to share their talent by means of glorifying God.  I just completed my review of the Charter Road Productions novel, MASTERPIECE.  It’s a great story that not only entertains, but it cleverly weaves the truth about centering upon God throughout the story without it getting in the way of the story.  For my review of this exciting novel, go here.

Charter Road Productions invites you to partner with them by praying and giving financially each month.  Just select the “PARTNERS” tab on the Navigation Bar and follow the directions to sign up.  Go here to visit the blog.