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Book Review Update For “The Unwanted”

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Christian Science Fiction Paranormal novel, The Unwanted by Daniel Carter.I’ve just completed my reading of Daniel Carter’s, The Unwanted, the first book in the G-6 Chronicles.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story, especially the characters.  For me, this sci/fi paranormal novel enveloped all of the characteristics of reading for entertainment which includes suspense, excitement, and the message of a higher power that blesses us in our hour of need.

What I loved about the story was the message that what may seem weird and strange to some, may be the norm for others.  So we must respect each others differences and help one another in our efforts to go about our daily lives.  However, The Unwanted carried that message to new heights through the paranormal of strange characters who were unwanted at birth until the love of one woman overturned the effects of a scientific experiment that was meant to bring them death.

Everyone is entitled to eternal life as it springs forth from within the human spirit to bring new hope, new life and a promising future,  which includes even the most unlikely, so we should not judge, but share God’s love.

If you want to be entertained while you get inspired at the same time to look to God in every situation, “The Unwanted” is for you.

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