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There are a few sites which we’ve shared for many years and it’s exciting to watch their continued growth over the years.  You may enjoy them as well.  The information they share, can be helpful to our visitors looking for Christian studies and other Christian information.

Each of the following sites have been on the Internet for at least 10 years.

Our Current Bible Studies Resources:

Christian Resources Today:
Bible study online articles, Free Bible story coloring pages, Christian music videos, quotes, biblical meaning of numbers and names, martyrs, testimony videos and more.

Find inspiration, motivation, and empowering quotations. In addition, we offer sensible advice to help you and empower you. We encourage you to be the best you can be & Dare To Dream Big. Our goal is to help you take that first step.

White Dove Books
Visit my blog at White Dove Books and read my series of success articles that are based upon God’s Word and that give clear understanding of scriptural success over worldly success.

Bible Study Topics and Lessons
BibleSEO offers free inductive bible study lessons and topics for small groups.

Bible Information and Notes:
A resource of materials from Biblical studies including Saint Paul’s Timeline and Gospel, religious music and famous religious paintings.


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