Keeping Christ In Christmas For Peace and The Joy Of Salvation

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This Christmas holiday preparation article will help you enjoy the holiday season rather than feel the dread of rushing around, buying too many gifts and making sure your visit everyone you care about.

Keeping Christ In Christmas

Enjoy The Holidays!

The holidays can cause us to lose sight of the spirit of joy and peace of the season while rushing around with the hustle and bustle of Christmas activities. We get stressed and sometimes angry while getting our homes ready to make the most important people in our lives happy on that special day. Somehow that doesn’t make too much sense.

It’s counterproductive to plan a successful holiday event or plan to attend one if you have to be angry or stressed before the “Big Day.” My thought is to use the time before Christmas to practice being at peace no matter what goes wrong or how much you have to do. It’s not only productive, but it will create worthwhile times during the year with your children and friends.

Besides the obvious tips such as prioritizing and not taking on too many activities or responsibilities, I thought I’d go a step further. I suggest we all use this Christmas to become more patient, kind and loving to all– even to those who we find most irritating, such as a grumpy neighbor or the know-it-all relative we try to avoid.

Taking on this challenge will develop in us a deeper character to not just get through difficult times, but to think of them as challenges for improving how we appreciate the good in our lives and the joy of spreading kindness thankfulness.  We do this by being thankful to God for the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ so that we can center upon what Christ did for us.

Keeping Christ In Christmas To Remain In Him

Ironically one of the reasons Jesus came to earth was to bring peace, so it doesn’t make sense to run around in a state of anxiety–especially when it comes to celebrating His birth.  The action of centering upon God and His eternal gift of salvation will bring peace and a new perspective of Christmas that is more spiritual than physical.

If Jesus gave us the gift of peace, then all we need to do is take it by faith.  That’s hard to do when we’re disorganized and frenzied.  See Christmas through Christ’s peace.  It will help you to say “no” to too many functions and events.  You’ll be able to be guided by God to become a good steward with your time so that you arrange family, events and gift giving in a way that is manageable for your lifestyle and pleasing to God.

John 14:27 (ESV)  “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”


Everyone loves “The Holidays,” but they can be stressful unless we take control to enjoy them rather than resent them. Practice keeping Christ In Christmas this year and every year.


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