Easter Reflection

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Let your Easter Reflection this year be upon the work of Jesus Christ on the cross to bring balance between your daily life and your spiritual growth.  Live everyday with the identity you have in Christ through His resurrection.

Colossians 2:12 (NIV)  12. having been buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him through your faith in the working of God, who raised him from the dead.



Live The Reality Of Easter All Year Long

Easter Reflection

How easy it is for us to make time to attend the latest sports event or movie, yet when it comes to taking time for God, there is so little left.  Maybe tomorrow, we think, as we put off that still quiet voice from within softly calling us.

We race to the next activity with the flurry of daily life at our heels.  There’s never enough time in the day to do everything, but someday we won’t be so busy and we’ll have time for spiritual things, just not today, our minds placate our hearts.

At one time or another we all feel the walls of life caving in all around us, leaving us feeling empty from the care of exterior and worldly joys or a work schedule that never seems to end.  We need something deeper, but after a long absence from God we’re too ashamed to go before Him in prayer.

A little contemplation, just a moment with God will tell us that we can reclaim our visitations, worship and prayer time with God by choice.  We have forgiveness to restore our right standing with God through Jesus Christ.  God is still there and always is — waiting with a loving heart, filled with the forgiveness that we don’t always give to others when they don’t keep in touch.

His deep compassion is always there to give us peace in the midst of disaster or trouble.  When we grieve over the loss of a loved one, He is there to put His warm arms around us, consoling us with the mystery of His deep love.  He always fills the void, and when we let Him, He builds our characters and refines us through a strong foundation of Jesus Christ.



We have a God who has given us the greatest gift of all, Salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.  We have a Savior who willingly obeyed His calling and gave up His life for His friends.

As we ponder that love this Easter or at any time in our lives, let us commit our lives daily to Christ in thankfulness for His love and obedience.  Let us also be obedient and reward ourselves with the joy of communing daily with God and His Son, Jesus Christ in thankfulness, praise, and honor.

How blessed our lives will become as we do this.  There will be more time, more love, more peace and more joy.  Abundance will abound within our hearts and lives evermore!

Let the Holy Spirit guide you daily and you will always be close with God no matter what you do or where you are.

Here is how to keep Easter Reflections alive in your heart all year long.  Always remember that You Are A New Creature In Christ and that you were:

Buried With Christ

You Were Risen With Christ

You Were Resurrected With Christ

You Sit With Christ At The Right Hand Of God


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