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Bible Studies ArticlesOur list of Bible studies articles will help to give more understanding of God’s Word for understanding, clarification and purpose for living scripture to fulfill your salvation.

Everything on this site is added to assist in your Bible studies and this is one more way the Word can come alive in your daily life.

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Articles Are Written To Enhance Bible Studies and Christian Teaching

Family Articles by Margaret Lukasik:

Bible Study and Marriage: Bible study and marriage go together as a natural part of a Christian union.  While it’s important for all Christians, it should be done at least weekly so you can stay in touch with God.  More

Christian Family Living   What do you believe makes a successful family? Money to buy whatever each family member wants, good health, family vacations, many friends, education? While these are all a combination of what makes family members happy, there is a deeper success that begins at the very core of our being. More


Christian Dating Articles by Margaret Lukasik:

Christian Dating and Sex  We need to respect ourselves and look at who we are through Jesus Christ.  He has made us His temple.  Every time we join ourselves in sex with someone we are not married to, we are being disrespectful to Christ, to God, the Holy Spirit, our family members, and the other person, and ourselves. More

Christian Dating Advice  Christian dating is an important subject for single Christian men and women.  Marrying the right person can mean a compatible union that puts God at the center, while marrying the wrong person can be a source of unnecessary strife and bitterness that can destroy one’s Christian walk.  More


Christian Spiritual Growth:

God’s Thoughts  Look up to God’s thoughts and learn from him how to live abundantly in Christ and be prepared to overcome every negative circumstance that comes against you.  You’ll find out that many problems in life can be prevented.  More

The Pursuit Of Godliness  How many people today are really content–thankful with their lives and how things are going for them? Well, for those who are not, they can be because Timothy tells us that to be Godly is to be content!  More

Suppressing The Truth About Salvation  Suppressing the truth about salvation makes it easy to avoid change, but in the long run, avoidance comes with a high price, especially when it comes to our salvation in Christ Jesus. More

Your Faith Potential  Find out your faith potential and learn how it might be lacking spiritually at this moment but how it can lead you to the place of Godly holiness.  Turn on your faith potential and see what God will do!  More

God’s Plan B  We’re told in life to have a Plan B when things don’t work out career wise or when making decisions. I’ve had many Plan B’s until a specific time in my life which I’ll explain later.  But for now, I’m asking the question, “what is God’s Plan B?”  Do you know what it is or how to find out what it is?  More

Jesus’ Sacrifice The sacrifice of Jesus Christ is clearly taught in this profound story that depicts Christ’s love for each of us. This is another contribution from my Cousin Bill who has no shortage of wise messages for life and Christianity.  More…


Christian Empowerment:

6 Christian Empowering Words  We all desire to receive our blessings and favor with God, but many Christians aren’t experiencing the empowerment to express God’s best in their lives.  However, all it takes are 6 empowering words to go from just being saved to successfully living your salvation.  More… 


About Money and Debt:

The Love Of Money  Before Paul tells us to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, and gentleness, he warns that we must first flee loving money. You have to be willing to flee the wrong things before you can pursue the right things.  This is because you cannot go in two directions at once.   More

Money and Debt  When you are in debt, you are actually a slave to money. But as a true Christian, you are supposed to avoid debt and serve God. You will have to have faith in God so that you can avoid falling into debt and live on what you have.  More

God’s Financial Principles work in association with Romans 10:17 which states that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. So if we want to have faith to grow our finances, we must hear words of God’s possibility over words of fear, doubt and discouragement.  More…

Help Support The Gospel Christians are responsible to allow God to bless them financially so that they can be blessed and to be a blessing into the Kingdom of God to help spread the Gospel.  More


Good Health and Divine Healing:

Divine Healing in Christ Jesus is on-going!  Many people don’t realize this wonderful Christian benefit we have that we can look to God in the storms of all illness and disease and receive healing.  More


Holiday Articles:

Christmas Peace  The holidays can cause us to lose sight of the spirit of the season’s joy and peace while rushing around with Christmas preparation. Avoid stress and anger during this time with one simple step! Continue

Christian Motherhood  There’s another side of motherhood that’s important for the church to recognize during Mother’s Day services. What about the women who have wanted children, but have not been blessed in that way?  More

Easter Reflection  Let your Easter Reflection this year be upon the work of Jesus Christ on the cross to bring balance between your daily life and your spiritual growth.  Live everyday with the identity you have in Christ through His resurrection.  More

Children’s Easter Projects  Two Easter Sunday school projects for children that are inexpensive and easy for children to make.  These are fun at-home projects as well. More…


Abuse Articles:

Quickly locate the abuse centers in your area that will help you or someone you know get the help they need to receive shelter, safety and healing.  More

Study God’s Word and Obey it as you learn it.  This will give you faith and trust in God to take care of your every need.  Thus, great peace.


General Bible Studies Articles:

  • Rejoicing In God’s Mercy  More
  • Evangelize Where You Live  More
  • God’s Wings  More
  • Are You A Complainer?  More


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