7 Scriptural Steps To Avoid Deception

7 Steps To Avoid Deception

7 Scriptural Steps To Avoid Deception

6 Scriptural Steps To Avoid DeceptionThis important lesson presented is for all Christians.  The information in this discussion is based upon the God’s Thoughts Bible Study. This study takes Christian thinking to God’s level of thinking based upon Isaiah 55:8-9.

I depend upon the following verse to keep me from relying upon my own reasoning when I’m not sure about something or I have to make a difficult decision. God always knows best and I like to remind myself of that truth often!

Isaiah 55:8-9 (ASV) 8. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith Jehovah. 9. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

It’s good to memorize specific scriptures so that you can reflect on them from time to time and build faith for growing into what they say.  I believe that Isaiah 55:8-9 is one of those scripture.  The more you read it the more you realize the capacity for success and great possibility is available to you in Christ.  It also keeps us in faith that no one can trick us when we learn to look to God’s Word over human reasoning.

Avoid Deception With God’s Thoughts

God didn’t intend for His people to have simple minds which are easily tricked or taken advantage of at every turn in the road of life. Instead He’s generously given us the power of clear or wise thinking that gives us the advantage over those who wish to trick or deceive us.

I’ve gathered the following 6 steps that will help you avoid making the wrong decisions or becoming a victim of someone’s self-serving plans and purposes.  Read them carefully and then make a commitment to follow God’s Wisdom (His Word) in all the ways of life.  This is how we center upon God.

Combine these 7 steps with Isaiah 55:8-9 to avoid deception by others in order to make positive or successful decisions:

1.Know that scripturally, you’re somebody in Christ–someone special! (2 Corinthians 5:21). When you know that you deserve the best, you won’t let others tempt you with 2nd rate explanations or offers that are only intended to harm you or take what you have. 

2. Pray about making important decisions or feeling apprehensive about something first before making a decision. Take time to seek God and let the Holy spirit guide you.  If your mind is clouded with doubt, clearly you’re not in a position to make an important decision about something.

3. Always look to God’s wisdom (the Word), guidance and pertinent information over what looks tempting or can benefit you in a way that looks too easy or too good to be true. Sometimes you need to get the facts by doing research.  If someone doesn’t want you to learn more about what they’re saying, that’s a sign they want to deceive you.

4. If someone is rushing you to make a decision, pass on it. You need time to pray or get more information.  I can’t say enough to get the facts when necessary!  Sometimes we need Information on a given subject before making a decision.

5. If you have a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach, don’t act on something. God is warning you by the Holy Spirit about it. Wait on God to find out what it is–you could be facing danger or a scam.  The more you listen to God’s guidance by the Holy Spirit, the more you’ll recognize God speaking to you.

6. Never make an important decision that is life-changing based upon your emotions. They can lead you astray.  For most situations emotions can get in the way of smart decisions.  Emotions can lead people to what they want rather than what is best for them. Keep growing in the Word so that your mind will act upon the wisdom of God’s Word rather than emotions.

7.  Never let anyone make you feel guilty when they ask you to do something you know is wrong or may have negative results.  Put them on the defensive and let them know that you never make rushed decisions that might cause you harm or disappointment.  Put God first and you won’t feel badly if someone is mad at you for not doing what they want.  A person with bad intentions doesn’t care about you, but God loves you.  He will guide, protect and help you avoid deception always.


These 7 steps to avoid deception are the most discussed by persons who have been tricked or deceived by others.  Just because you’re a Christian, doesn’t mean that you’re automatically protected.  You’ve got to learn the Word, pray and know how to recognize that still, small voice of the Holy Spirit warning you or giving you direction.  Do your part with God and you’ll have the faith to take what belongs to you! Wisdom, clarity of mind and intelligent decision making.


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