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Hello, my name is Margaret Lukasik and I’ve been on the Internet serving the Christian Community since 1999.  I’ve also been helping Christians successfully live their salvation in Christ Jesus with relevant studies and lessons for victorious Christian living. I hope this site will be a great blessing and benefit to you, especially if you’re a new Christian or a Christian new to the Word of God.

You’re always welcome here, so please bookmark this site now to return as soon as possible to continue with my studies.  I’m adding new studies and resources weekly, so visit often to see what’s new.  I continue to write each study in a way that will fit with everyone’s busy lifestyle.  Read from your phone, tablet or computer. 

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My Personal Message To You:

“Live Your Best Life By Living It God’s Way!”


Live Your Best Life God’s Way

Thank you for visiting!  My purpose in providing the Bible Studies you’ll find on this site is to guide Christians into the Victorious lifestyle God intended for His children, with the theme of taking Christians from the point of salvation to living the Kingdom lifestyle by walking in line with God’s Word.  The result of this lifestyle is achieving one’s best and greatest fulfillment in life by centering on God first.

About Me Specifically

I attended Cottonwood School of Ministry in Southern California with my husband. I have an Associate Degree in Christian Studies and a Bachelor Degree in Church Ministry from the Sure Foundation Ministry where I received my pastorate license.

I’m also a retired Christian life coach and currently write Bible Studies and courses based upon the successful use of God’s Word in my life, my family’s lives and persons I’ve helped to live victoriously in Christ.

I live in the United States and have been married for over forty years with three children and eight grandchildren.

Everyone in Christ has a calling and I believe that bringing clarification to the scriptures for daily living is a part of what I was called to do.  I hope that this site will help other Christians discover who they are in Christ as well.   My free online studies and my specific study on the subject of living one’s destiny, God’s Plan For Your life, may be helpful if you’re searching for God’s purpose in your life.  Also my blog offers answers to questions Christians need answers to so you may find that information helpful as well.


Margaret Lukasik

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