Christian Transformation To Be Like Christ Christian transformation begins at salvation.  However it is up to each Christian to take action for change.

Many Christians believe that transformation in the heart occurs without any action of their part.  But this is not true. We must use God's Word to recreate our thinking, our speaking and our actions so that our lives will reflect the life of Christ. It is a life-long process that is exciting as well as fulfilling.

Living Your Salvation In Christ

 3-Part Bible Study

If you want to know the right direction to take for outward transformation, then you need to begin within, basing your growth upon a firm foundation of Jesus Christ. Doing this will insure that you develop the characteristics needed for God to develop and lead you into His perfect will for your life.

If you're looking to this person or that person to fulfill your destiny, or if you looking around at specific persons with envy and a desire to emulate their life and their success, then you are following a path that will only lead to a dead end. You will only be disappointed with a feeling of emptiness plaguing you in the pit of your stomach.

A feeling of peace deep within your abdomen (where your spirit is located) is a sign that you are following a path of Jesus Christ. This is the first sign of Christian Transformation. You see, we don't communicate with God the way we do with each other. Instead we communicate by faith, an inner communication that we need to learn how to develop.

Without this understanding we are like fish out of water with God. Our spiritual breath becomes so shallow that we die spiritually. But unlike physical death we can come alive in our spirits by feeding our hearts with God's Word and then living those Words. And as we spend quiet time with God, those Words will draw us nearer to Him, giving us the ability to understand Him and hear His guidance that is specific for each of us.

This sounds easy and it is, but it takes time and commitment on our parts. So in truth, the first step to Christian transformation is to make the choice to live life our way or God's way.

Choosing our way means that we work hard to achieve a life that might not be the best for us. It can cause problems and troubles and it may lead us astray. Or we can choose God's way by building our lives upon the truth of Jesus Christ. This will give us the to live successfully through all the issues of life, especially those that can cause most people to fail. In fact, by making this decision you can receive God's peace immediately, no matter what you're going through.

This is achieved simply by creating a Christian state of mind. Jesus gave us His peace, and we can take it immediately by faith. When you do, you can rest in Him and trust that God is taking care of you and your problem. He will see you through with victory.

Making The Decision To Follow Christ

What do you want today? Do you believe you can have it? If not, there is a way to change what you believe to obtain whatever you desire. But first, it's important to examine what you want.

You must know if you're ready for it and if it's good enough for you. This is where we can begin to look to Christ for what is best for us. As we search the New Testament, we find God's will for our lives and as we let it breath life into our spirits they will develop us into the person God put into our hearts to become at our "rebirth."

The secret of Christian transformation is to desire God's best rather than our having things to "fit in" or becoming a person for the sake of fitting into our environments and being accepted by family, friends, and those we wish to impress.

By looking to God through His Word, we will learn to be acceptable for only one source, our Creator who is always consistent, never changing, and who has given us the power to move mountains.

Just wanting to have what others have will keep us in a state of mediocre thinking. Thus our results will be mediocre even though we may appear to have a successful life. Our hearts will be screaming, this isn't the real me. Who am I really?

Our unique talents and characteristics expressed through God's wisdom, intelligence, power, and ability will not only give us victory but a success that is fulfilling, unique to who we are at the core of our being.


I've heard many Christians say, "I admire this or that person so much. He or she has done so much for others. If I had that much money, I could do the same."

If we take the peace of Jesus Christ and rest in God's promises, we will live God's state of mind that says, we can live those dreams that God gave us right now--even before we know what they are by doing what we're capable of doing right now. As we let God bless that work, then He will give us more ability, more faith, and more wisdom to do, become and have more.

As we begin our Christian transformation, we go beyond just wishing. Instead we will take what rightfully belongs to us and become God's takes to receive our abundance for a wealthy life. So instead, we get stuck in a place of wishing instead of taking what is rightfully ours through Jesus Christ. This causes us to be disappointed with our lives, and it may lead to coveting what others have. When that happens, we lose all faith in ourselves and God.

When seeking inner growth we cannot be in a state of "wishing," but instead a state of "doing" with God, allowing Him to light the way for each of our steps.

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