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Welcome!  We Hope To Help You Live In Victory Thru Jesus Christ

Our studies are for Christians of all levels of learning whether a new Christian, new to God's Word, or mature but looking for answers to specific questions or needs.  We're here for everyone!

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Whether you realize it or not, you have victory in Christ. You don't have to wait a months or years to attain this victory, my latest study will show you how to receive from God now right from the first lesson! Don't wait to let God bless you and to become a blessing. Get my latest study now! Learn more.


Please enjoy the many articles, short studies and courses!

Victory Bible Studies Theme:

The theme or purpose of Victory Bible Studies is to help Christians transition from where they stand in their Christian walk today to the place where God can work in their lives for guidance, spiritual growth, success, personal fulfillment and most important, God's special purpose or will for their lives. This is done by developing a close relationship with God.

Growth always presents challenges in our everyday lives, and it's the same with the things of God as we allow Him to create in us the "new man" in Christ. But each challenge perfects our characters, bringing us great blessings and fulfillment. To help you begin your walk with God we have organized important growth steps together to help you get the most out of your studies (see right column).

The ultimate purpose of this site is to help Christians become strong men and women of God, able and willing to help spread the Word about Salvation in their actions and in ways they are led by the Holy Spirit.

Look To God In Every Circumstance:

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From A Loyal Subscriber:

"This is what I have been waiting for all my life! The words are very well planned, and when I read them out, I find them working in my life. I always look forward to reading the next article from Victory Thru Christ Ministry. My faith has increased and I have started seeing changes in my life. Thanks so much for such a wonderful word. My life will never be the same in Jesus Name."

- God bless you, RK

More Victory Bible Study Links:

About God Bible Verses
The list of All About God Bible Verses will help you see Him as a loving Father rather than distant and unapproachable.

About Us
If you haven't heard about us, Victory Thru Christ has been on the Internet since 1999, helping Christians live their salvation through Bible studies and Christian counsel.

Abundant Living In Christ
Find out why most Christians are not experiencing abundant living in Christ Jesus.

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Another Side Of Motherhood
There's another side of motherhood that's important for the church to recognize during the Mother's Day services.

Jim Gloyd's New Christian book, Backsliding, reveals how Christians hooked on drugs and other addictions can use the Word of God to be set free as he has done. A Victory Bible Studies recommended book for those with addictions.

Balanced Christian Life
A balanced Christian Life is a life centered upon God, giving the Word first place in your life in all that you do.

Bible Studies Mission
Please read our Victory Bible Studies Mission Statement to learn about our Christian beliefs and the influence of the Christian information on this site.

Bible Studies Preparation
If you're not sure how to begin your study, our Victory Bible Studies Preparation will help you start your study right.

Bible Studies Privacy Policy
Learn about our Victory Bible Studies Privacy Policy. We do not Spam.

Bible Study and Marriage
Bible study and marriage go together as a natural part of a Christian union.

Biblical Balance
Discover a Biblical balance in your life to achieve a successful life in Christ through this exciting Bible study series.

Born Again In Christ
If you've been born again in Christ, spiritual growth is a part of that process.

Book Review Index
For your reading pleasure and spiritual growth, here is the latest Christian book review index of reviews written by Margaret Lukasik.

Building Self-Esteem
By building self-esteem through God's Word you will come to know who you are with confidence. No one will be able to shatter or break you!

Christian Articles
Submit your Christian articles for free on our site and get noticed by the Christian community.

Christian Coaching Specifics
Read my Christian Coaching Specifics Before Considering My Program.

Coaching Contact
Use my coaching contact form to arrange for a free consultation.

Prayer Sense
Let me teach you how to develop great faith for the prayer sense you need to receive answered prayer. Walk in victory today!

Element Of Great Faith
Lesson four takes us to the third level of faith which is the element of GREAT FAITH.

Victory Coaching
My Victory Coaching Program is a flexible blend of Christian counseling, teaching, and coaching.

Midas Touch Bible Study
This dynamic Midas Touch Bible Study reveals the balance between teaching only prosperity or teaching that prosperity is idolizing money.

Life Coach
A Life Coach is not a psychologist, therapist or consultant. Coaches do not give advice, delve into the past nor offer therapy

Life Coaching Structure
My One-On-One life coaching structure will set you on a path of continued growth and fulfillment.

Exercise Your Faith
You must walk in faith to exercise your faith. You must use it to make it grow.

He Is God
He Is Daddy and He Is God. Our heavenly father must be treated with the respect and reverence He deserves.

Easter Activities For Children
Easter Activities For Children that includes two craft projects.

Christian Business Success
Learn how to succeed God's way in business for continual inner growth and financial increase through the Christian Business Success Bible Study.

Christian Dating
Our Christian dating advice is important for single Christian men and women. Find out how to make your dating experience productive in Christ.

Christian Dating and Sex
Christian Dating and Sex articulates why it is important to implement Christian values over sex into your dating life.

Christian Faith
If you don't understand the principles of Christian faith, then you are not experiencing abundant living in Christ Jesus.

Christian Novel Will's Purpose
The Christian Novel Will's Purpose, by author Randolph Kay, is ready for ordering.

Christian Passion
Are you lacking a Christian passion or concern for the lost? This is a sign that one has lost the joy of salvation.

Christian Transformation
Salvation creates in you the promise of Christian transformation for your greatest fulfillment in life.

Christian Transformation-2
Christian Transformation-2, the second part of our transformation series, will help to guide you into God's will for your life.

Christian Transformation Audio
My Christian Transformation Audio will help you let go and let God take over your life with this unique and life-changing prayer.

Church Functions
This valuable church functions study will guide you into finding the best Bible based church in your community.

Classic Christian Books
Classic Christian books and their reviews written by Christian author Margaret Lukasik.

Divine Healing
Divine healing belongs to you as one of the blessings of salvation. As you believe in faith, you will receive the healing you need.

Conditions To God's Love
Do you question if there are conditions to God's love when we're taught that God's love is unconditional? Find out from this informative article.

Easy Bible Study Method
If you're not sure how to begin your study, try this easy Bible study method. It will keep you motivated.

eBook Special Offer
Take advantage of my ebook special offer for God's Wealth Plan Destiny Discovery Home Study. Grow financially God's way while you discover your special calling.

Family Bible Study Tips
Family Bible Study Tips will show you how to study the Bible with children or teenagers in a way they can understand. Victory Bible Studies Special Feature.

Financial Recovery
Once a few easy principles are put into practice, change is on the horizon for financial recovery and continued increase. By Victory Bible Studies author, Margaret Lukasik

God At Work
Is god at work in your life? If not, you need to partner with him to bring his will to reality through you.

God Of Now
Understand the Biblical balance of the God of now in relation to the past, present and future.

God's Financial Principles
God's financial principles can be associated with Romans 10:17 for financial success.

God's Forgiveness
If you want God's forgiveness, you must learn to forgive others by following these important steps.

Growing Up Spiritually
After salvation it is time to train the new man in Christ by growing up spiritually.

Have Faith In God
What does it mean to have faith in God? Let's examine Proverbs 3:5-10 to get the wisdom, instruction and application for success.

Healing From Grief
The process of Healing From Grief can be difficult if we don't take time to let God help us. Learn how to trust God for healing.

Holiday Articles
These holiday articles will be a blessing for growth and reflection. Each one has a special lesson.

Holiday Preparation
This holiday preparation article is a blessing for growth and reflection at Christmas time.

Internet Evangelism
The purpose of Internet Evangelism is to share your faith effectively by digital means. Follow my guidelines to easily begin your ministry.

Christian Life Coaching
My Victory Christian Life Coaching Course is divided into three parts which all work together to create a successful life coach.

Hunger For The Bible
The Sign Of Hunger For The Bible, Part 4 of the Spiritual Revival Series.

SBI Web Success
Click below to find out about SBI web success. Watch the exciting video and learn how to develop your own income generating website.

Praising God
Watch the Praising God Daily Video. It will create the habit of being thankful to God for all that He has done and is doing for you.

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Transformed Life
Your salvation promises great blessings and a life of great joy, peace and  inner fulfillment.

Transformation Audio
My audio will help you let go and let God take over your life with this unique and life-changing prayer.

Financial Growth

Discover financial growth God's way to become a financial blessing.